Superannuation and Retirement Planning

FirstChoice Financial Planning specialises in strategies tailored to your individual needs and circumstances to help you achieve the lifestyle you desire in retirement. During the initial and subsequent meetings we work closely with you to help us understand your goals and objectives – what is important to you – fine tuning as necessary along the way to adjust to your changing needs over time.

Risk assessment

Financial Planning should be understood as a holistic process where you and your Advisor work closely to understand and uncover and manage the risks around your circumstances. Depending on your age you will have different insurance needs. We are able to use insurance to manage your specific risks and minimise the impact of an unforeseen event on your family’s financial position.


The Self-Managed Superfund is a niche area in Australia. Currently they are growing rapidly due to the ability to pool your funds together with your family members and the fact that you can invest in a variety of assets that otherwise would not be accessible to your retail or industry Superfund. The Australian Tax Office recommends a balance of $200,000 to make this option more viable. SMSF's are run by you, for you and any other members of your SMSF and are established for the sole purpose of building retirement savings.




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Superannuation and Retirement Planning

Investing wisely and tailoring your investment plan to your needs, both for now and the long term, is crucial to your future. Without a quality financial plan, you simply may not be in a position to enjoy what you want to do in life. Developing your plan, however, can be complex - which investments to make, when to make them - there are tax and legal issues to consider, even if you are able to find your way through all of these you simply may not have the time.


Self-managed Super Fund

If you wish to take more a proactive approach to your superannuation and pension accounts, a Self-Managed Super Fund may be an option for you. It can open up a wider range of investment options and give you more control over where your funds are invested.


Financial Planning is not all about investing money and generating returns. It is also about protecting the assets you have already accumulated. We specialize in all facets of personal insurances, including Life, Total and Personal Disability, Trauma, Income Protection and Business Expenses.

We work with business as well as families and singles to make sure that an appropriate protection package is tailored to suit your specific circumstances.

FirstChoice Financial Planning Solutions understands that every client’s circumstances will be different and that’s why we are all about providing you with alternatives and solutions that work with you.


Depending where you are in life your concerns, needs and goals will be different. As Financial Planners we understand that more than anyone. Our advice is tailored specifically to you and presented in plain, easy to understand language without any jargon.

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