Aged Care

Aged Care Financial Planning


Aged Care for our loved ones is not often something that is planned for. Typically, Mum or Dad has been able to manage in their home reasonably well, perhaps with younger family members calling in to check on them and help out where needed. Until they suffer an injury which could be anything from a seemingly minor fall to a significant medical event and suddenly they are unable to return to their home, leaving you with a very short time frame to find a suitable place for them to go to.


Having a loved one entering aged care is not only an extremely emotional event but can also be confusing and daunting raising issues such as:

- Where do you start?

- What costs can you expect to pay and what are your options for paying them?

- What options are available from different facilities?

- Is there a way of minimising costs?

- Will there be any effect on Centrelink or DVA entitlements?

- Where will Mum / Dad go?

- Should you sell the family home or are you better off keeping it?

- Are all family members in agreement?


How we can help…


- Personalised 60 Minute Consultation – Jodie or John, both of whom are qualified to provide Aged Care advice, will clarify the aged care rules, regulations and fees in a personalised appointment at our office, or if preferred, at your home.

- Asset and Income Assessment Forms – We’ll help you complete your Centrelink Forms to ensure they’re correct, for faster and easier processing

- Issue Discussion Paper – Focussed discussion paper highlighting common impacts and options under current aged care legislation and funding structures. This is general information only and does not include recommendations.

- Full Written Statements of Advice – We’ll provide you with a complete customised written plan that includes expert advice and recommendations. It contains full analysis, detailed recommendations, and cash-flow projections in a document specifically tailored to your circumstances.

- Professional Support – We can provide ongoing support should circumstances change after entering care; and we will work with your accountant or general adviser to ensure everyone caring for you understands your wishes, aged care options and agreed plan.