Entering Aged Care

agecareEntering Aged Care

With the improvements in medical care and treatment in recent years it is becoming more common for people to enter an Aged Care facility in their final years. It is not only our clients who we assist at this traumatic time in their lives, but increasingly their parents. A decision to enter Aged Care is usually forced rather than made and is very sudden often as a result of a fall or sudden illness, such as a stroke.

The emotional coaster ride is difficult enough to cope with, often accompanied by feelings of guilt that you aren’t able to do more to help and you should be able to handle things, without having to worry about all of the practical details. This is where we are able to assist:

* What type of facility is suitable for you or your loved one’s needs
* What costs are involved and how will these be funded
* Will there be any effect on the Centrelink Aged Pension
* Should you keep the family home and what effect will it have if you do sell it
* How do you negotiate an accommodation bond

At this extremely stressful time, compassionate, professional advice speaks for itself by allowing you to focus on the things that really matter with the peace of mind in knowing that the rest is being taken care of.