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We offer a range of services which are tailored to your needs.

Investment Planning
We are able to recommend an appropriate mix of investments which are suited to your individual risk tolerance. These will change over time not only as a result of your changing circumstances but also local and international market conditions, legislation and taxation laws.

Cash Management and budgeting
We offer a review of how you manage your day to day finances and are able to recommend strategies to help you reduce your amount of debt, save more effectively and begin to grow your investments.

Tax Planning
We work together with your accountant, when required, to analyse your particular circumstances and tailor investment strategies which are able to provide tax effective solutions for your portfolio.

We review your current Superannuation, not only where it is invested but also what it is invested in to determine if it is appropriate for you. As you get closer to retirement there may be the opportunity to create tax friendly, or tax free, income depending on your individual circumstances.

We are able to review any existing personal insurance arrangements you or your family may have to assess if you have appropriate levels of cover in place and that both the policy conditions and premiums are competitive to others offered in the marketplace. We also check that your insurance is structured correctly, with the appropriate owner and beneficiary in place.

Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)
SMSF’s aren’t for everyone but we are able to help you decide if they are for you. We are able to provide advice on the initial establishment and ongoing management, specifically developing an appropriate investment strategy and ensuring you are aware of your obligations as a Trustee.

Retirement Planning
We manage your retirement savings for you, allocating sufficient liquid funds to meet your income needs for four years as well as some higher growth assets to provide for future pension payments. We don’t believe in trying to time the market but prefer to manage your retirement savings in a manner that avoids becoming a forced seller having to sell down assets to meet pension payments when the markets are down.

Planning for business owners
We offer advice on business strategy, succession planning and retirement planning tailored to the special needs of small business owners. We also cater to the specialist insurance needs of small businesses - key person protection, buy / sell funding and meeting your Superannuation obligations for employees.

Estate Planning
We offer a referral service to encourage you to have a valid Will in place which accurately reflects your wishes, so that your assets are distributed exactly how you intend. We also encourage clients to have an Enduring Power of Attorney in place to provide peace of mind by appointing someone trusted to look after their affairs if they are unable to do so themselves.

Many people find Centrelink overwhelming to deal with, for most things we are able to deal with them on your behalf. We are able to analyse your financial circumstances and recommend investment strategies which will make the best use of your entitlements for government benefits such as Centrelink pensions and allowances.

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